Imaginative Role Play: PLAYMOBIL NHL Hockey Theme


Hearing my children using imaginative role play, reminds me of my time as a child. My sister and I were always pretending to be someone else, a teacher, a hairdresser to name a few. Besides Barbie dolls and our Cabbage Patch kids we didn't have Playmobil in our home 30 years ago children. Did you … [Read more...]

Hockey Isn’t Ruled By Gender #WeAllPlay

The Canadian Tire Wickenheiser World Female Hockey Festival invites your team to take part in this spectacular event! This special weekend is the dream come-to-life of six-time Olympian Hayley Wickenheiser. Hayley is pleased to host her sixth festival in this exciting city and venue, in partnership with Girls Hockey Calgary and Rocky Mountain Female Hockey League.

As a little girl we lived in Toronto and I remember my Dad taking my sister and I out to the local outdoor rinks for a skate. He did this each year and for some reason I was always so choppy on the ice. The pick was in the way, my figure skating skates were always so stiff and hard. I never enjoyed … [Read more...]

Visit Canadian Tire Hockey Truck At #MapleLeafs Home Opener! #CTHockeyTruck

Canadina Tire Hockey Truck

Hockey! That one single word says so much about who we are to be Canadian. Hockey runs through our veins and is wired into our DNA as Canadians. You've either played hockey on a team or a quick pickup game of shinny in your youth. I have never met a Canadian who hasn't caught a game on a Saturday … [Read more...]

Set Aside Screen Time #MakeRoomForPlay and ParticipACTION

Make Room For Play - ParticipACTION ParticipACTION

Back In The Day When I was a little girl, I remember jumping rope, riding my bike, playing in the sandbox, playing with my dolls and opening up my imagination until the sun went down. I am sure I was bored at times but for the most part I don't remember boredom at all. My imagination was open to … [Read more...]

Hockey Fans Nice List: FWD Powershot & Urbanears Bagis

Homemade Ice Rink Canadian Winter, FWD Powershot sensor for hockey sticks

It is a Canadian Thing In Canada we boost pride on our cold Canadian winters, although being cold is not my idea way to spend a day. It does give me a proud Canadian feeling sitting outside with a warm hot cocoa sitting by the fire and watching my family enjoy our homemade ice rink.  Yes, … [Read more...]