Stress & Crazy Mom Monster #ONatural

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March was a busy month for most of us. Spring break, Easter and in Ontario we had a couple of snow days squeezed in there as well. I think it would be fair to say Parents had the kids at home more than the Teachers did in school. I didn't have many deadlines, so I took most of March off from … [Read more...]

Five Tips To A Happy Heart #ONatural

Heart Health Orange naturals Mom

Heart Health Is Important Keeping my families heart health in check is at the top of my priorities. I spilled it all in this post - What is Love without our Health? About that time I wasn't putting heart health at the top of my priorities and my health was on a downward spiral. Never again will … [Read more...]

Overindulging? Feel Relief In Minutes With Nauzene

Nauzene Chewables in Purse

Indulging Regret! Over the holidays, we all tend to overindulge, this is also true when we travel. Throwing away all our clean eating habits and routine reaching for fried foods and desserts more than we typically would.   Recently, I was introduced to a product called Nauzene®. I have been … [Read more...]

Start Today, For Tomorrow!

The Happiness Project

They say a New Year calls for a fresh new start. Last week, I updated my look and went completely out of my ordinary. I was born with blond locks maybe once I went brunette. I wanted a fresh new look, not because it was a New Year. Because I felt it was time. I was feeling sluggish with my long … [Read more...]

Appreciating Downtime During The Holidays: Introducing MagPop #ONatural

Orange Naturals MagPop! New magnesium infused effervescent drink with vitamin C and electrolytes

Holidays have arrived! We are all snug in our wood heated house. Sleeping in and spending our days organizing all these gifts we've been blessed to open. Our holidays typically look the same each year. Family time, winter fun, skating on our backyard ice rink and completing a few odds and end … [Read more...]

The Right Tools To Take Care Of Our Children #coldandflu

Braun ThermoScan Ear Thermometer

We've ran through Tips To Prevent Cold and Flu Season From Taking Over Your Home and unfortunately you caught that nasty cold circulating and now you need a Cold And Flu Survival Guide.  The problem is your mother's touch is off and everyone is cranky including you. Without waiting at the germ … [Read more...]

Tips To Help You Drift Off Into Dreamland #DORMEOclaus

Tip to help you fall asleep

Ah Sleep! Sleep is something I cannot live without. Much like a baby who is sleep deprived, I become overly cranky without my sleep. Studies show that a good quality sleep is important for optimal daytime performance and mood. For us women, menstrual and hormones play a huge role in our quality of … [Read more...]

When Diabetes Wins, It Hurts Everyone #ONaturals

Mom’s Remember Your Own Oxygen Mask First

November is World Diabetes Month and I was surprised to learn that there are more than 10 million Canadians living with diabetes or prediabetes. When Diabetes Hurts Everyone. I first hand know what diabetes looks like. Currently my Father-in-law is living with diabetes, and struggling each day to … [Read more...]

Your Cold And Flu Survival Guide

Tips For Dealing with Cold and Flu's in your home

So it happened, just as it always does. You armed yourself with everything To Prevent Cold and Flu Season From Taking Over Your Home, but somehow it made its way through your tough exterior. Your week or two of misery is here and now you need to know how to survive. No worries I have your back, … [Read more...]

Give Your Kids The Knowledge To Know What Dietainment Is #StopDietainment

educating Canadians about Dietainment

To follow-up on my article Let’s Stop These Unhealthy Body Image Messages From Brainwashing Our Daughters I thought I should have an open talk to our children about Dietainment. I have to say I was very proud in their reaction to the videos Multi-Grain Cheerio created on Dietainment. Miss C … [Read more...]