The Coolest Wearable Gadget for Kids

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

Last August we were introduced to the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch. The idea was for all the kids to give it a try starting with our oldest. I ordered it in a neutral lime green colour so everyone could wear it. It didn't end up going that way, she never let it go. In all honestly, the boys were easy … [Read more...]

Give Your Kids The Knowledge To Know What Dietainment Is #StopDietainment

educating Canadians about Dietainment

To follow-up on my article Let’s Stop These Unhealthy Body Image Messages From Brainwashing Our Daughters I thought I should have an open talk to our children about Dietainment. I have to say I was very proud in their reaction to the videos Multi-Grain Cheerio created on Dietainment. Miss C … [Read more...]

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun With Peel & Stick Wall Decals + #12PrintsProject Contest

Peel and stick wall decals from Posterjack

Over the course of the next 4 months follow hashtag #12PrintsProject for social shares from seven Canadian parenting, design, and lifestyle bloggers – one being moi! Each of us have been posting photographs that speak to our heart each month. We then tell a story behind the print we choose. Which … [Read more...]

Going Back to Black – This Friday – One Day Flash Sale With For Girls

Halloween Flash Sale

Independence Kicks In I am finding the older my daughter gets the less she wants me to help her choose her clothes. I believe my taste is, in-style and on par but my pre-teen rather not have mommy help. I think this is also independence kicking in. A way to show that she is getting older and can … [Read more...]

Oh Canada: Dress like your Doll!

Maplelea Doll, Canadian Doll Clothes, Canadian T-shirts for girls.

Canadian Pride July 1st 2015 will be Canada's 148th birthday! Leading up to Canada's birthday I always like to order a few new Canadian t-shirts in red and white for the Canadian Day activities we will attend. Our children wear them proud all year long, so they never stay as our finest clothes in … [Read more...]

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are! #BeSuper + Giveaway

Be Super! Power posing is for more than Superheroes. Barbie Power posing

Typically when you think of super hero's your child may think of Marvel hero's, very few think of themselves. Barbie wants your little girl to think of themselves as a superhero! How great would it be for all kids across Canada to tap into their own inner superheroes and use their imagination to … [Read more...]

Always #LikeAGirl – Super Bowl XLIX Ad

This Super Bowl Sunday, watch out for the debut of a 60 second version of the influential Always #LikeAGirl video. With more than 100 million people watching the Super Bowl, including an expected 10 million in Canada, Always wants to ask girls, women, boys and men across the country and around the … [Read more...]

Sweet Holiday Hairstyles for Young Girls #GoodyTips

Sweet Holiday Hairstyles for Young Girls, Goody

This post is part of the and Goody #GoodyTips sponsored program. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors. This may sound crazy but I had an intuition after our daughter … [Read more...]

Girls Nice List: Maplelea Girl Hockey Gear + School Desk & Locker

Canadian 18 inch dolls Maplelea Girls, American Girl for Canadian Girls

When you’re the only little girl with three brothers sometimes play naturally becomes all about the boys and their toys. I am happy our little girl naturally enjoys playing with her brothers but at the same time it is important for her to play with "girl toys" too! When Taryn came into our house … [Read more...]

Girls Nice List: Jack and Jill Kids Yoga Review

jack and jill kids yoga wear Canadian Clothing company selling kids yoga

I am finding the older our little girl gets the more she is starting to appreciate clothing for gifts. She still loves her toys and has requested a few on her wish list already this year but she is comfortable in saying "Mom I could use a few comfy clothes too this Christmas". I like that; it allows … [Read more...]