5 Ways To Building Family Memories That Last A Lifetime #PlayAdvocate

Building Family Memories - Crazy Hair Day - Pumpkin Patch With Family

This weekend when snuggling the kids into bed one of the boys said to me "Mommy that was the best weekend ever! I played soccer with Daddy, helped you clean the house, played with my brothers and sister, and we watched a family movie!"  What he said just made me smile, because it is the little … [Read more...]

Summer Game Night Tips

Mattel Games

The kids are out of school and I am looking for different ways to keep my kids busy, but also find time to spend family time together with them. We spend a lot of weekends during the summer months camping and I always bring along UNO™ for everyone to play. It is quick and easy to play and a game the … [Read more...]

Set Aside Screen Time #MakeRoomForPlay and ParticipACTION

Make Room For Play - ParticipACTION ParticipACTION

Back In The Day When I was a little girl, I remember jumping rope, riding my bike, playing in the sandbox, playing with my dolls and opening up my imagination until the sun went down. I am sure I was bored at times but for the most part I don't remember boredom at all. My imagination was open to … [Read more...]