Start Feeling Better: Home Therapy With TranQool + $500 Self-Care Giveaway

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So I did it! I had my first Home Therapy session with TranQool.  If you missed my post earlier this month catch up to find out what's bugging me ->  Life Transition: Back to School For The Kids, What About Mom? What is TranQool's Home Therapy?  TranQool is an online resource for moms to see … [Read more...]

Hey, Gorgeous! Take Some Time for YOU!

Adding a work out to my day, SAHM making time for yourself, Skechers shoes

Hey, Gorgeous! Thanks for swinging by. I know you've been busy but when was the last time you took a moment for you? Between soccer, volunteering for school trips, making dinner, packing lunches, trying your best to keep on top of laundry and more, I know your schedule is full. But did you … [Read more...]

Being A Mother Without Regret: Are You In Your Children’s Movie?

Arrowhead Provincial Park 1.3 Ice Skating Trail. Nikon MOMents. Nikon D3300 review

It happened a couple of years ago; I was watching my family outside skating on our backyard rink. It was almost like I was looking at a movie. At that moment, something quickly struck me. I am not in my children's memories when I am sitting here watching them outside playing with Daddy. I … [Read more...]

Start Today, For Tomorrow!

The Happiness Project

They say a New Year calls for a fresh new start. Last week, I updated my look and went completely out of my ordinary. I was born with blond locks maybe once I went brunette. I wanted a fresh new look, not because it was a New Year. Because I felt it was time. I was feeling sluggish with my long … [Read more...]

Appreciating Downtime During The Holidays: Introducing MagPop #ONatural

Orange Naturals MagPop! New magnesium infused effervescent drink with vitamin C and electrolytes

Holidays have arrived! We are all snug in our wood heated house. Sleeping in and spending our days organizing all these gifts we've been blessed to open. Our holidays typically look the same each year. Family time, winter fun, skating on our backyard ice rink and completing a few odds and end … [Read more...]

The Right Tools To Take Care Of Our Children #coldandflu

Braun ThermoScan Ear Thermometer

We've ran through Tips To Prevent Cold and Flu Season From Taking Over Your Home and unfortunately you caught that nasty cold circulating and now you need a Cold And Flu Survival Guide.  The problem is your mother's touch is off and everyone is cranky including you. Without waiting at the germ … [Read more...]

When Diabetes Wins, It Hurts Everyone #ONaturals

Mom’s Remember Your Own Oxygen Mask First

November is World Diabetes Month and I was surprised to learn that there are more than 10 million Canadians living with diabetes or prediabetes. When Diabetes Hurts Everyone. I first hand know what diabetes looks like. Currently my Father-in-law is living with diabetes, and struggling each day to … [Read more...]

Give Your Kids The Knowledge To Know What Dietainment Is #StopDietainment

educating Canadians about Dietainment

To follow-up on my article Let’s Stop These Unhealthy Body Image Messages From Brainwashing Our Daughters I thought I should have an open talk to our children about Dietainment. I have to say I was very proud in their reaction to the videos Multi-Grain Cheerio created on Dietainment. Miss C … [Read more...]

Charts and Family Contributions Gearing Up for Back-To-School #ONatural

Back to school Routines

We cannot stop time and it is happening....the last week of summer vacation is here! Although I never want the warm breeze of summer to end, all good things have to end sometime. We've had an absolutely amazing summer vacation. Sure there has been hiccups and many times mommy may have raised her … [Read more...]

Halfway Through Summer and Keeping Stress Away #ONatural

Kids Canoeing, Splashing in the pond. Kawartha Lakes Pond, Country living in Kawartha Lakes

As I write this we are at our half point of summer already and I am in a bit of denial. I absolutely love summer. Having my four children home for two straight months can be "stressful" at times but really I am happiest most when my birdies are in my nest. Keeping Stress Away I try to keep the … [Read more...]