Christmas Piano Recital: Nikon MOM Captures Memories #NikonMOMents Piano Recital Nikon Mom Nikon Moments Mom Nikon D3300

Over the course of the next 7 months follow hash-tag #NikonMOMents for social shares from the Nikon MOMents team. Each of us will be posting five personal events where we will capture our memories at the heart of the image! This is my second NikonMOMents event from my five part series. Read my … [Read more...]

Dreaming Career Possibilities With Kids: Saving For Education

Back to School Dreaming

Dreaming  This summer I had fun with the kids and we’ve been dreaming together since; something we know is very important for our future success, be it individually or as a family. These dreams have been about their future careers and what they will be when they grow up. Yes our children are only … [Read more...]