7 Tips to Make Visiting The Dentist Fun for Kids

7 Tips to Make Visiting The Dentist Fun for Kids, Smile, Kids Smile

Sleepless nights, rocking. Sleepless nights, rubbing your baby's gums. Sleepless nights were singing sweet lullabies. Awe I remember those sleepless nights all to clear. Waiting for pearl white teeth to break through and provide some relief for your sweet little one and you. Remembering those … [Read more...]

Tips for a Great Smile and Healthy Mouth

Oral Health Month, Tips to a healthy smile,

By the time I was a teenager every single molar in my mouth was filled with a silver filling. However I remember as a child going to the dentist like clockwork for checkups and cleanings but I was always told my teeth were soft. Or perhaps it was due to poor brushing as a child? Today, the inside of … [Read more...]