Start Today, For Tomorrow!

The Happiness Project

They say a New Year calls for a fresh new start. Last week, I updated my look and went completely out of my ordinary. I was born with blond locks maybe once I went brunette. I wanted a fresh new look, not because it was a New Year. Because I felt it was time. I was feeling sluggish with my long … [Read more...]

What is Love without our Health? Story from an Orange Naturals Mom #ONatural


February is the month of Love. Love is something I am so passionate about. You may have read "My Love Story" over on I married my soul mate, my childhood sweetheart and although we are so in Love we don't typically celebrate Valentine’s Day. Love means more than fancy gifts and a … [Read more...]

Laughter Is The Best Medicine: Entertainment That Makes You Giggle #StreamTeam


I don't tend to think of myself or husband as funny people. We are very serious and it takes a whole lot of funny to make us chuckle. Not saying we are dull by all means we are far from dull. I will be honest here; we are thinkers and turning off our brains and settling into something funny doesn't … [Read more...]

Teaching Kids To Do Laundry: Tide Pods Free & Gentle Review #PGmom

Tide Pods Review - Teaching kids to do laundry

Domestic Dislike My weekly laundry consist of over six loads of clothing in my over sized washing machine + sheets and blankets for six beds + six coats when they need washed and anything else that needs to be washed that week. I lose count and the days of laundry fade into each other. I will admit … [Read more...]

It Takes A Team: Man Clean Tips + Swiffer #ManClean #PGmom

Man cleaning tips Swiffer man Clean

Success Together This pass weekend my husband and I celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary. There are many things we both do to contribute to our lifestyle, our home, our children and our relationship to make it to 12 years married. We both give 100% of ourselves to each other. There is no … [Read more...]

Fall(ing) Back into Beauty Routine: #PGMom

COVERGIRL + Olay FaceLift Effect Firming Makeup. P&G Mom Review

It’s time to get back-to-routine!  During the summer if your anything like me you may let your beauty routine slip a bit. Between my beach hair and sunkissed skin I will admit, I lose focus on taking care of the face in the mirror. My time inside the house is limited to my to-do list and I push … [Read more...]

Keeping Healthy Together Naturally At Home #NaturallyAtHome

Orange Naturals Mom

Naturally Happens June is the month dedicated to fathers, but everyday should be father's day for those father's that effortlessly give their family all they got. Those father's that put their children and wife before their own needs. Everyday should be father's day for my husband. I do try my … [Read more...]

Top 5 ways to stay safe from Carbon Monoxide this winter #PGmom

The Big Questions Before a Sleepover Happens Before we became parents I know we didn't think of safety as important and we took those risks you never want your child to take. Good thing we had kids because that changed everything. I will never forget the first time Miss C was going for a sleep over … [Read more...]

Mop meet my Garbage! Swiffer BISSELL SteamBoost Review & Giveaway #PGmom

Swiffer BISSELL SteamBoost

Obstacle Solved Three meals a day times four children, means I have twelve chances of having split milk land on my hardwood floors. That is not counting snack time. Not that split milk matter's (which I came quick to realize as a SAHM.) But however you work out the numbers, no mathematical equation … [Read more...]

Quality Low Prices, Back To School With Sears #SearsMomBTS

Sears Back to school. Licence Graphic Tees

Three more sleeps and our little Monkey's will be smiling, crying and dressing in their fineness. As they welcome a new grade, a new chapter, a new adventure, it is "Back to School" they go. This year we are sending off Miss C to grade two, Mr L to SK, and King starts JK, leaving Oak at home with … [Read more...]