Melted Daddy’s Heart {WW}

Canadian Mommy Blogger

This Father's day Miss C melted daddy's heart with this letter on the chalk board. Do you have a heart melting memory to share?  Thank you for reading In R Dream! … [Read more...]

Under Our Maple Tree {WW}

Canadian Mommy Blogger

One of my favorite places to be is under our big old Maple Tree where our hammock and tire swing hang. Today Little O and I kicked back well the older kids were at school. What a blessing it was to enjoy each other. How do you kick back in nature? Thanks for reading In R Dream!  … [Read more...]

Stop and Smell the Flowers {WW}

Life is short stop to smell the flowers Quote

Life is short, stop and smell the flowers! Thank you for reading In R Dream!  … [Read more...]

Elegance In A Blossom {WW}

Spring Blooms in our garden

Recently I have been watching Oprah's Super Soul Sunday and it has been extremely grounding for me. I caught her episode with Louie Schwartzberg here is a clip to watch. He really opened my mind up to the beauty that nature is sharing with us. I know my eyes have always been open to the beauty … [Read more...]

Our Hard Workers {WW}


We seem to live a very productive life and our to-do list is always a mile long. This weekend we took advantage of the beautiful sun-shining and crossed off may lines on our to-do list. Although we "worked" in the yard all weekend we did it together as a team and it was very enjoyable. Our … [Read more...]

Our Daughters Digital Love Letter {WW}

Samsung Note 3

What do your little ones do that melt your heart with sweetness?  Thanks for reading In R Dream!  … [Read more...]

March Break Reaction {WW} #HPFamilyTime


At breakfast this morning I reminded the kids March Break was days away and asked them a question. Who would like the job of testing an HP Slate 8 tablet over March break? This was there reaction. Follow #HPFamilyTime What are you plans over the March Break? Thanks for reading In R … [Read more...]

Cousin Love {WW}


What was your favorite book to read to your babies? Thanks for reading In R Dream!  … [Read more...]

Canadian Winter School Bus Photo Shoot {WW}

Canadian Winter School Bus

How do you keep warm at the school bus stop in deep of a Canadian Winter? Thanks for reading In R Dream! … [Read more...]

Three Selfies Plus Family Smiles At The Basketball Game {WW}

Love, Happy Heart, Family

When was the last time you cheered on a Basketball game?  Thanks for reading In R Dream! … [Read more...]