Entrepreneur Story: That Clean Life #IRDFeature

Abigail Keeso. I am a pediatric Registered Nurse, Culinary Nutrition Expert and entrepreneur of That Clean Life.

Abigail from That Clean Life spilled it… Meet Abigail who had a wake up call that changed her life, after years of abusing her body. Her entrepreneurial story is filled with inspiration to listen to your body and make life the best it can be! Grab a tea and take a “Me” moment, you deserve … [Read more...]

Procter & Gamble 100th Anniversary in Canada + #PGmom Giveaway

P&G Candles

This month marks Procter & Gamble 100th Anniversary in Canada! P&G has encountered some significant achievements in history to make it this far. Procter, meet Gamble. P&G's last 100 years in Canada wouldn't have been possible if Procter didn't meet Gamble. Here is their … [Read more...]

Entrepreneur Story: Snappy Towels #IRDFeature + Giveaway


Dan from Snappy Towels spilled it… Meet Dan a father, husband and an entrepreneur who took his son's love of make-believe games and their family’s love of the beach and came up with Snappy Towels. His entrepreneurial story of inspiration is truly the meaning behind running through an open door … [Read more...]

Take Your Brain Into Overdrive: The Art of Marketing in Toronto + Promo Code

The Art of Marketing Toronto Promo code

The Art of Leadership for Women Last May I attended The Art of Leadership for Women conference in Toronto with YummyMummyClub.ca. It was an incredible opportunity that still is fresh in my mind a year later. The Art of Leadership for Women gave me a new perspective of being a powerful and strong … [Read more...]

Entrepreneur Story Of Inspiration: 2 Sisters Handcrafted Q&A #IRDFeature

Founder and Entrepreneur Colleen Johnson from 2 Sisters Handcrafted

Colleen from 2 Sisters Handcrafted spilled it… Meet Colleen a mother, wife and an entrepreneur who started “2 Sisters Handcrafted” from an idea, that evolved into a dream come true. Her creative pieces have been worn on many celebrities and been seen on the hit TV series The Vampire Diaries. Her … [Read more...]

Knock. Knock. Female Entrepreneurs Grow Your Enterprise Glama Gal Tween Spa Franchise #GlamaGals

Glama Gal Tween Spa Franchising

It wasn't till I completed my first year of maternity leave after our first baby that I truly realized how big the world really was. Before that I continued my retail job right out of high school. I always knew college or university wasn't for me. My dream was to be a stay at home mom and if you … [Read more...]

On Trend Style That Fits Like A Glove: New ECCO Gary Boot

ECCO Gary Boot Review

These last few days' signs of spring in Ontario are in the air. The grass in peaking in some parts of our country yard and the temperatures are rising. When zero starts to feel like you can break out your spring coat and booties, you know you live in Canada. I did just that today and I broke out my … [Read more...]

Entrepreneur Story: Glama Gal Tween Spa Q&A #IRDFeature


Josie from Glama Gal Tween Spa spilled it…  Meet entrepreneur Josie a mother, wife and an entrepreneur who started the "Glama Gal Tween Spa" with her sister. Together they have turned it into a franchise with 7 locations in Ontario. Plus some huge top secret locations in Canada they are working … [Read more...]

Mompreneur Riley Spills It: Bayo Bundles Q&A #IRDFeature

educational activities sent monthly by Bayo Bundles Canadian Subscribers

  Riley from Bayo Bundles spilled it… In Your Dream Q & A Meet mompreneur Riley a busy mom who is balancing life, business and family as she follows her dreams. Grab a tea and take a” Me” moment, you deserve it. Tell us a bit about yourself, hobbies, interests, family, kids, husband, wife, … [Read more...]

Meeting Entrepreneur Barbie ® Plus Canadians Enter Barbie™ Business Bursary

Mattel Entrepreneur Barbie The Barbie™ Business Bursary

Dream It, To See It! I am a firm believer that if you dream it, work towards it, your dreams will come true. Hence my blog title In R Dream. Dreaming is something entrepreneurs do naturally. They may not call it dreaming, they may never consider it to be dreaming but in my opinion that is exactly … [Read more...]