Welcoming Routine: Back to the Basic Netflix #StreamTeam

Family Movies on Netflix Canada

Routine is Back Looking out the window I see the beauty of nature adding those special touches to my maple tree, fall is here. Off at school our little children are engaged into deep conversation about the why's, the who's and getting hands on in learning. Daddy is off at work building our … [Read more...]

Family Summer Adventure: Blue Mountain Resort Ontario #BiggerBlue

Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster Blue Mountain Village Resort

Summer Wonder Do you find the question everyone is asking these days is - How has your summer been? I enjoy hearing what my friends and family have been up to this summer. It is so inspiring and fresh to hear new ideas, adventures to add to our own personal bucket list. This summer we have been … [Read more...]

Family Camping: Captured Memories with Nikon D3300 #NikonMOMents

NikonMOMents Nikon D3300 Family Camping Canadian Blogger

Over the course of the next 12 months follow hash-tag #NikonMOMents for social shares from the Nikon MOMents team. Each of us will be posting five personal events where we will capture our memories at the heart of the image!  This is my first personal NikonMOMents event from my five part … [Read more...]

Our Day Out With Thomas The Train #DayWithThomas

Elgin County Railway Museum Day Out With Thomas St Thomas Ontario

Last weekend we took the kids to see Thomas the Train, the real life version of the popular cartoon character. It is a North American tour that stops in St Thomas Ontario this time every year. Each year it is my dream to one day get our little people experience Thomas and Friends in real life. That … [Read more...]

Complimentary Family Entertainment at Blue Mountain Resort Ontario #BiggerBlue

Stilt-men Free Entertainment Blue Mountain Resort Ontario Big Family Travels

We are very fortunate in Ontario to have nature’s eye candy surrounding us at each turn. Although it is very common for us Ontarians to run south or east or west to vacation. Why do we run, when Ontario is home to so much beauty? From sand dune beaches to mountain top beauty. Mother Nature has … [Read more...]

Day Out with Thomas July in St Thomas Ontario

Day Out With Thomas the Train Ontario

All three boys in our house all went through the "Thomas the Train" stage. It was Thomas all the time, all day. Little O is 3 and he is smack in the middle of his "Thomas the Train" stage. It's adorable, it's all he requests to watch on Netflix and when he see's Thomas in the store I get the … [Read more...]

FLINTSTONES Gummies Plus Immunity: Family Bowling giveaway in #KawarthaLakes

FLINTSONES Twinkle toes

"WILMA!" That was a very well-known word from my favorite show as a child. I use to run home everyday at lunch to enjoy a warm lunch and watch my favorite show on T.V 'The FLINTSONES'. Even today when it comes on the Retro station ( ah retro does that make me old?) I still got to take a minute and … [Read more...]

Meeting PINK in #Toronto at #TruthAboutLoveTour Thx @COVERGIRL!

P!NK About Love Tour in Toronto ACC Covergirl

This month COVERGIRL treated me to a once in a life time experience. I still feel in awe over it and I am a bit shocked still that it happened to me, a small town country girl. I met PINK earlier this month at the Air Canada Center in Toronto -- Squeal! P!NK is a COVERGIRL, I am a P&G Mom and … [Read more...]

Turbo FAST Launches on @Netflix_CA December 24th + #Giveaway


Keeping it clean. As a mom to three boys I know it is natural to love speed, wrestling each other and competition. At the same time I know they need to keep grounded and I need to limit anything that will turn their fun play into negative actions.  I am finding it harder these days as my boys grow … [Read more...]

Medieval Times Toronto Castle Review + #Toronto Discount & #TO Giveaway

Medieval Times Toronto Castle Review

A family experience. Last night my family got to experience something new together. An evening filled with knights and horses. An evening of eating with our hands, cheering and a whole lot of fun. We got to experience Medieval Times at the Toronto Castle as brand ambassadors with a group of PTPA … [Read more...]