Just Because: Stampin’ Up Possibilities

Project Life | by Stampin' Up

We just finished our Thanksgiving in Canada. We gathered, we ate and we shared what we are grateful for. Now if I was on top of my game I would have gifted everyone a homemade gift full of freshly baked sugar cookies. This year, I wasn't on my game and just tried my hardest to squeeze by with as … [Read more...]

Eliminate the words “I am Bored!” More Boredom Busters Book Review

More Boredom Busters Kids making Pirate maps, How to make pirate maps. Parents Club

As important as learning your ABC's is to a child, so is them learning to use their imagination. For more than the memories that they imprint on our heart and their own hearts. But for their growth and brain development during the most crucial time in their development. I personally feel that screen … [Read more...]

Lipstick Kisses Art: DIY Valentine’s Day #PGmom

Covergirl colorlicious lipstick, DIY Valentine's Day last minute gift idea, Homemade Valentines Craft, P&Gmom, PGmom, Covergirl Lipstick Craft.

I have always been an ah'natural girl with a little mascara and out the door. However as I have been aging (something we all do) I have been drawn to lipstick. I am drawn to it but my husband not so much. I throw a light shade on here or there throughout my day or on the way to the grocery store, … [Read more...]

First Birthday Party Ideas: Ultimate Around the World with Little People #FisherPrice

Edible Wheels, Birthday Party healthy snack idea, Around The World First Birthday party with Fisher Price Little People City Skyway

Planning for the big day. I will never forget our children's first birthday parties. I was planning months in advance, dreaming up the big day they would turn from baby to toddler. The guest list was always full with friends and family and all the little people we met on playdates. It was also … [Read more...]

New Year’s Eve Countdown With Kids Streaming All Hail King Julien #StreamTeam

Netflix Hall King Julien - New Years Eve with Kids

Before kids New Years Eve was a big event in the lives of us as a couple. Long before Christmas we would already have our plans in place and our drink of choice picked out. We have been parents for 9 years now and I can tell you one thing I know for sure, everything has changed but for the better. … [Read more...]

Kids Homemade Probiotic Ice Tea & Crafting Fall Table Mats #oNatural

Kids Homemade Herbal Ice Tea with probiotics

Thankful For Nature Since October is the month of the Canadian Thanksgiving I deem the whole month of October to be the month to count your blessings. As I sit here and type the beautiful maple tree to my right out my front window is losing it's beautiful bright yellow, orange and red leaves, … [Read more...]

Scrapbooking Again: Project Life | by Stampin’ Up Review

Project Life | by Stampin' Up

Nap Time Getaway The first scrapbook I ever completed was capturing the first year of Miss C's life. I documented her first everything in an old fashion scrapbook, with hand written notes, real pictures, stickers, little keepsakes. It was a hobby I fell in love with that first year well I was on … [Read more...]

Give a Meaningful Gift This Mother’s Day from Canada’s Photo Art Experts at Posterjack

Canada's Photo Art Experts Posterjack Mothers Day gift ideas

The last few years I have been really trying my hardest to put 100% thought into every gift I give. I know my house sometimes seems filled with too much stuff and I am sure everyone else is feeling the same? It is not the 'stuff' I remember when I receive a gift, it is the gift that shows meaning I … [Read more...]

Orbeez, Blingles & Glitzi GlobesToy Review + Blingles Giveaway

Blingles Bling Review

Girls need a little girl time. Being the only little girl in a house filled with three little brothers can mean a lot of cars, trains and play fighting games. Miss C loves to rough and tough with her brothers, but there comes a time when a little girl time is needed too. When she was given the … [Read more...]

Five Themes Of FUN { March Break Ideas }

With the start of March break only a few days away, I found myself last night exploring how we were going to spend the week. With only 1 in school full-time our week won't be completely different, but I do strive to make it memorable for her. With daddy still working I am not going to be … [Read more...]