Happy Meal Books + Tips To Keep The Kids Reading All Summer

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The kids are counting down the days till schools out for the summer. This mom of four is preparing routines, charts, playdates and camping trips to keep everyone happy, including me. One thing I know for sure we will be doing is reading a lot of books together thanks to the new  Happy Meal Books … [Read more...]

Exploring Three-dimensions: Prismland Playset An Educational Toy

Exploring Three-dimensions Prismland Playset Educational Toy

Today’s guest post is from my sister Brandy. She is a mom of two; a busy preschooler who keeps her on her feet and a sweet toddler. Brandy is a full-time working mom using her ECE degree working with autistic children and their families. She supports them and touching their lives in a positive way. … [Read more...]

Eliminate the words “I am Bored!” More Boredom Busters Book Review

More Boredom Busters Kids making Pirate maps, How to make pirate maps. Parents Club

As important as learning your ABC's is to a child, so is them learning to use their imagination. For more than the memories that they imprint on our heart and their own hearts. But for their growth and brain development during the most crucial time in their development. I personally feel that screen … [Read more...]

Let Their Imagination Run Wild #PlayAdvocate + Giveaway

2015 Little People® Animal Friends Farm

Examples of Imaginative Play This morning I was reading a book to little O and the characters in the story were using their full imagination. They were pirates and their ship was the picnic table, they made a sail out of a stick and some clothes and an anchor out of more sticks. It looked rather … [Read more...]

PhotoInPress- Photo Books Made in Canada

PhotoInPress photo books, made in Canada

Sometimes there is that person on your nice list that enjoys a gift with soul, a gift that will melt their heart and a gift that will bring back those moments that live forever in side. I am finding the older our parents and grandparent get the more they appreciate a gift that is hand crafted from … [Read more...]

Sharing is Love – My Sister and Me – Children Book Review

Sharing Is Love- My Sister and Me (Sharing Is Love) Children who won't share. Teaching About Sharing

One thing that I have learnt having a houseful of kids is that sharing doesn't come naturally. It takes teaching to bring your kids together and a lot of patience's is required. Another thing I have learnt is that once taught the rewards of sitting back watching you children play nicely together is … [Read more...]

Weekend Pancakes Recipe: Michael Smith’s Family Meals

Michael Smith’s Family Meals Weekend Pancakes

Daddy Cooks Sunday Morning In our house we have a tradition every Sunday Daddy picks one of the kids and together they make Pancakes. When I say Pancakes I don't mean those box kind that are over stuffed with Gluten and no nutritional value, I mean made from scratch with yummy add-ons and always … [Read more...]

Parenting The Dolphin Way: Without Turning Into A Tiger {Book Review} @PenguinCanada @drshimikang

The Dolphin Way Shimi K Kang

Many years ago in the middle of tantrums with a toddler, I had a feeling of lost over take me and my father in law said something that has stuck deep inside me since. Along with his personal advice as a father and papa, he pointed us into the direction of books. He said "you are not the first to … [Read more...]

Sharing is Love- My Brother and me { Children’s Book Review }

Sharing is Love- My brother and me Children's book review

Our household is knee-deep into parenthood. With four children all looking for guidance, love and support to deal with their emotions along the way. This is no easy task and at times it really tests my emotions as a mother. I was recently approached by a creative mother of two active little boys … [Read more...]

“Get Naked In The Kitchen” with Squash Coconut Soup Recipe

Briana Santoro"Get Naked In The Kitchen" Cookbook Review

My Kitchen Senses. I am one of those home cook's who never likes to follow a recipe. At the same time baking isn't my thing, although I am good at it when I have the patience's to measure and follow directions. I cook and create the best meals by wandering around the grocery store for inspiration … [Read more...]