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The Art of Leadership for Women

Last May I attended The Art of Leadership for Women conference in Toronto with YummyMummyClub.ca. It was an incredible opportunity that still is fresh in my mind a year later. The Art of Leadership for Women gave me a new perspective of being a powerful and strong women, leaning in rather than away and I was touched and moved when a room full of women (myself included) stood up and sang tribute to Dr. Maya Angelou who recently passed. The energy in the room, the wealth of knowledge put my brain into overdrive. I walked away holding this moving and powerful experience close to my heart. It taught me to aim to be a better woman for myself, my daughter and my family.

The Art of Marketing

This year I will be attending The Art of Marketing conference in Toronto as an ambassador and I am thrilled to challenge my mind by listening to five speakers who will be bringing their success stories front and center for the audience to learn from.

The Art of Marketing Toronto Promo code My wise Father-In-Law once told me “You are not the first to experience this, the chances are you will find your answer in a book.” He is absolutely right. That is why my FIL is a CEO of our thriving family business and a man who has taught both my husband and I so much of what we know today.

This one day seminar is comparable to reading five books, since four out of five speakers are published authors and I expect Brian Wong will be one day as well. Learning, reading and growing is what takes you to the next level personally and successfully. Spending a day in a room filled with over 1500 people including CEO’s, GM, Directors and top leaders from all over, sends an energy through the room that is Contagious. Knowledge is something I want to catch.

The Art of Marketing in Toronto on Monday, May 25, 2015. 

Although I cannot wait to hear all five speakers take the stage at The Art of Marketing in Toronto including; Gene Simmons, Nir Eyal, Dr. Robert Cialdini, Charlene Li. The one I am most looking forward to hearing is Brian Wong.

The Art of Marketing Toronto Promo code Brian Wong is the founder and CEO of Kiip, and featured in Forbes 30 under 30. There is no doubt about it, listening to Brian will be fascinating. I look forward to hearing Brian talk about the “Ten ways to go beyond” in capturing your audience and how to make an emotional connection with consumers.

If you still are asking why you should attend The Art of Marketing in Toronto? This short video will have you saying sign me up! 

The Art of Marketing in Toronto Promo Code

Save $50 per person with promo code: CONNECT26 – Plus save an additional $50 per person when registering 3 or more people at the same time.

Buy tickets here and use promo code CONNECT26.  

The Art of Facebook page | The Art of on Twitter | Conference hashtag: #TheArtOf

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  1. My husband recently went to the Art of Marketing in Vancouver and had a great experience. That’s a great promo code offer. I’m sure many people will use it!

  2. All those speakers have so much to offer! This is something I would love to attend.

  3. This conference sounds like something totally up your alley! Your FIL is so smart!! I love his advice! Have a blast this year!

  4. Sounds like a great conference! I think I would be interested about Brian Wong too, at such a young age, he has made it to Forbes! Wow!

  5. Sounds awesome, Tammy! I really need to get myself to a conference!

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