Sharing is Love – My Sister and Me – Children Book Review

Sharing is Love – My Sister and Me – Children Book Review

One thing that I have learnt having a houseful of kids is that sharing doesn’t come naturally. It takes teaching to bring your kids together and a lot of patience’s is required. Another thing I have learnt is that once taught the rewards of sitting back watching you children play nicely together is a beautiful thing. Just like the book we reviewed earlier this year Sharing is Love- My Brother and Me this one is based on sisters rather than brothers. The idea is simple but a very effective way for kids to see and hear the sadness that takes over when we don’t share. I am a firm believer that books have the answer to all your questions. Over the years I pull out my teaching books for the kids when something comes up like fighting, sharing, being polite it always has been very helpful for them to see and hear a story that hits so close to home.

Sharing is Love – My Sister and Me replays the story that happens daily in homes all around North America with siblings. Parents this means nothing more than your kids are growing and when you are armed with the proper tools such as this book, you can and will get through the day when sharing is sometimes difficult.

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