The Unique Daily Ritual Of Lampe Berger Review

Stale Air

Now that the cooler months have arrived it is rare that I open my windows. The other day I cooked some white fish, I knew the house was starting to smell a little fishy. I didn’t want my hubby walking into a wall of fish when he walked into the door after work, so I lit my Lampe Berger Paris. I crossed my fingers that he would walk through the door with a smile instead of the shocked look of “yuck what’s for dinner?”

I have seen many of those looks over the years. When I cook, I don’t think twice about adding a couple cloves of garlic to my dishes. I barely notice the smell well I work away in the kitchen. But when you walk into the fishy or garlic smell it can turn you off the meal that is simmering away in a second.

In the cooler months it is so hard to crack a window and watch your hard-earned money float out into the fresh air. So most of the times we simmer in the smell and barely notice. Kind of gross if you ask me.

What is Lampe Berger?

I asked the same question many years ago when my girlfriend received one as a wedding gift. She was shocked that I was clueless and never heard of a Lampe Berger before. I remember her saying it is the only way to remove odors from your home, plus it purifies the air. She also added that it is a must have for every home. I have to chime in, her home always smells great. Fast forward four years later and Lampe Berger slipped off my radar until a few weeks ago.

Lampe Berger Paris Review Canada Lampe Berger has a porcelain body and an exclusive burner perfected over the years. Lampe Berger has been used for over 100 years and today in the home is used for cleansing air by destroying undesirable smells, while at the same time diffusing delicate indoor fragrances.

  • Purifies the air
  • Destroys undesirable odours
  • Diffuses a long-lasting fragrance

Lampe Berger Paris has a selection of over 80 lamps + 40 different home fragrances – suited for every décor and fragrance desires!

Don`t like scents? Unique to Lampe Berger is the Neutral Home Fragrance (available in 180ml, 500ml and 1L formats!) is an essential in every household as it removes unwanted odours without diffusing a fragrance. Also, when mixed with other fragrances; it will dilute the intensity of olfactive delivery. At the same time, NEUTRAL optimizes the operation of the catalytic burner (wick), cleans it and extends its life span.

The Unique Daily Ritual

Since receiving my first Lampe Berger I have made it a daily ritual to take these six easy steps well dinner is cooking.

Lampe Berger Paris Canada Review Process

Does Lampe Berger work? 

That day my hubby walked into the door after work not a peep came out about the fishy smell I thought he would have noticed. In fact, I stepped out that evening and when I came back I didn’t notice any fishy food smells when I walked in the door. However, when I lite the Lampe Berger I don’t notice the smell disappearing, but walking into the house the food smell is invisible.

I did find that because of our large open concept living space one Lampe Berger isn’t strong enough to support our home. I had a feeling this was the case before my receiving Lampe Berger. Although my Lampe Berger is located central to our main floor living I can only smell the scent in the living room. I assume this is because of the natural flow of our home. Here is the sizing for you to gage in your own home: Use your Lampe Berger a maximum of one minute per cubic metre, in other words 20 minutes’ use in a 20sqm (51.60ft2) room.

Overall, I enjoy my new Lampe Berger and if hubby isn’t turning his nose up to dinner smells when he walks into the door after a long day, than it is a win for our lifestyle. Although I do believe I would like to invest in one or two more Lampe Berger to meet the size of our homes needs. 

Lampe Berger is Generous

One In R Dream reader will WIN Lampe Berger starter kit : (48$ retail value)

Canada only (excluding Quebec) ends 11/24 EST. 

Intrigued to learn more about Lampe Berger Paris? 

Lampe Berger Paris WebsiteLampe Berger Paris FacebookLampe Berger Paris Twitter | #Lampeberger

Thank you for reading In R Dream! 


  1. love love love the scent of Fresh Eucalyptus!

  2. The Precious Jasmine

  3. Brenda Lacourciere says:

    Summer Rain sounds amazing

  4. Jennifer P. says:

    Polynesian Dream! 🙂

  5. Victoria Ess says:

    Lavender Fields!

  6. Wild orchid sounds lovely or Summer Rain.

  7. kathy downey says:

    I’d love Pure Dreams !!

  8. Lavender Fields!

  9. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    well today I feel more like Wild orchid after having spent about 1 1/2hrs driving on these snowy & icy streets!

  10. Erika Belanger says:

    Corollissima violet

  11. Escape to Capri sounds like one to try.

  12. The Wild orchid

  13. Victoria Ess says:

    Orange Blossom is my favourite scent.

  14. would love to try the Gardens of the Riviera

  15. Zest of Verbena would be nice!

  16. Erika Belanger says:

    I love the sweet bubble delicate pink!!

  17. Escape to Capri sounds nice!

  18. I’m feeling very Black Pomegranate right now. 🙂

  19. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    so today I’m going to pick, pause to increase the suspense, Winterwood.

  20. Bonbon Framboise would be lovely

  21. I love citrus smell so I say Orange Blossom

  22. The Lavender Fields

  23. Victoria Ess says:

    pure dreams is definitely my favourite!

  24. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    and today because it’s snowing 😉 I’m choosing Wild orchid as my favourite scent 🙂

  25. Erika Belanger says:

    Bonbon Framboise!!

  26. “Luxurious Venice” sounds nice.

  27. Victoria Ess says:

    pure dreams is up there with my favourites.

  28. Spiritueux! sounds like an interesting one to try.

  29. The Harvest Season

  30. kathy downey says:

    Lemon flower

  31. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Having no idea what any of these smell like, I’m going to choose Zest of Verbena today 🙂

  32. Erika Belanger says:

    Reflexion Amethyst!!

  33. Lemon flower sounds great!

  34. Apple Tart sounds like a great scent.

  35. The Miss Violet

  36. Victoria Ess says:

    I love the Spiritueux!

  37. Kristi Renout says:

    Pure dreams sounds good.

  38. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    today I fancy the Winterwood. Nothing like a change is there?

  39. Today I’m in a Green Chai mood. 🙂

  40. Erika Belanger says:

    I love the Spiritueux

  41. Summer Rain!

  42. The Black pomegranate

  43. I think Lemon Flower sounds awesome.

  44. Victoria Ess says:

    Pure dreams sounds like it would be my favourite.

  45. Rhonda W G. says:

    I generally like anything fruity like the lemon…

  46. Orange blossom would be nice!

  47. Vanilla gourmet

  48. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    today I feel like choosing Wild orchid, not sure that they smell but I do love orchids

  49. Erika Belanger says:

    Amphore white!!

  50. Teresa Claire says:

    Although I think that I would love Grapefruit Passion, the Lemon Flower scent would be great in the kitchen!

  51. I’m in the mood for “Snowy Pines” 🙂

  52. Darlene Schuller says:

    oh I’d love Summer Rain

  53. Under the fig tree

  54. Fresh Eucalyptus sounds awesome.

  55. Victoria Ess says:

    The Lemon Flower!

  56. Jennifer P. says:

    Polynesian Dream would be a favourite.

  57. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Today I’m going to pick Zest of Verbena, sounds good doesn’t it? Hope it smells as good as it sounds 🙂

  58. kathy downey says:

    Green Apple is another one I would like

  59. Victoria Ess says:

    I really like Pure Dreams.

  60. Erika Belanger says:

    I like the Happy Burgundy!

  61. oh thats tough, but the Fresh Eucalyptus would be my first choice….

  62. Darlene Schuller says:

    I would love Winterwood as well!

  63. Green Apple is a scent I would love.

  64. The Lemon Flower

  65. Wendy hutton says:

    Summer rain sounds refreshing

  66. i would love to try the Lemon Bubbles one!

  67. kathy downey says:

    Winterwood today !

  68. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    today my choice is Winterwood, that might in fact smell like Sandalwood 🙂

  69. The Green Apple sounds fab!

  70. I’d love Pure Dreams

  71. I think I would love Citrus Leaves.

  72. Carol Denny says:

    Summer rain sounds nice

  73. Darlene Schuller says:

    I think I’d love Pure Dreams

  74. The Green Apple

  75. Victoria Ess says:

    Wild Orchid sounds like it’d be my favourite.

  76. Erika Belanger says:

    Cristal de roche coral

  77. Teresa Claire says:

    I love citrus scented products…even bubblebath! My favourite is grapefruit plus it is pink!

  78. sweet bubble delicate pink sounds nice!

  79. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I’m going to choose Wild orchid today, sounds good so hope it smells good too 🙂

  80. Erika Belanger says:

    Sweet Bubble Delicate Pink

  81. Lori Bazan says:

    The Grapefruit passion

  82. I’d like to try the Grapefruit Passion scent.

  83. The Grapefruit passion

  84. Victoria Ess says:

    Pure dreams is my favourite fragrance!!

  85. The Fresh Eucalyptus.

  86. Erika Belanger says:

    I like the Heritage Clear lamp!

  87. Green Chai would be nice.

  88. The Fresh Eucalyptus

  89. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    today I’m choosing Zest of Verbena – I hope that smells nice 😉

  90. kathy downey says:

    Fresh anis of greek islands

  91. Erika Belanger says:

    Bingo Pearl!

  92. summer rain

  93. Snowy pine sounds lovely.

  94. The Green Chai

  95. Victoria Ess says:

    Pure dreams is my favourite fragrance

  96. Victoria Ess says:

    Pure dreams is my favourite!

  97. kathy downey says:

    Gardens of the Riviera sounds delightful

  98. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I have no idea what it smells like but I’m choosing Winterwood today 🙂 Being adventurous eh?

  99. Erika Belanger says:

    Quadri satin finish

  100. I’d like to try the Grapefruit Passion scent.

  101. Wild orchid sounds lovely.

  102. Lemon Bubbles

  103. kathy downey says:

    The Strie Premium is very nice

  104. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I’ll choose Wild orchid today, sounds nice doesn’t it and I love orchids too hence my choice.

  105. Erika Belanger says:

    The Strie Premium is very pretty!!

  106. Darlene Schuller says:

    Gardens of the Riviera!!

  107. Summer Rain sounds lovely.

  108. The Atlantic Tide

  109. Wendy hutton says:

    Summer Rain sounds nice

  110. Another scent I like is Black Pomegranate.

  111. Erika Belanger says:

    Strie Premium. There are so many awesome lamps!! Its hard to choose just one!

  112. kathy downey says:

    Spices of Egypt sounds nice

  113. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Hmm, I searched for Sandalwood but they don’t seem to have that so I’ve picked 3 others, though naturally I’d really like to smell them before deciding. Wild orchid, Winterwood, Zest of Verbena

  114. I would love Spices of Egypt.

  115. The Summer Rain

  116. Victoria Ess says:

    My favourite is Spices of Egypt

  117. I am all about an Escape to Capri

  118. Kristi Renout says:

    The delicate powder sounds good!

  119. Vanilla gourmet

  120. “Escape to Capri” sounds lovely!

  121. kathy downey says:

    Delicate Powder sounds like a nice fresh scent

  122. My favourite is Spices of Egypt

  123. Delicate Powder sounds like a great scent.

  124. Erika Belanger says:

    I like the Sweet bubble Frosted Lamp!

  125. i would say the vanilla gourmet

  126. Victoria Ess says:

    Black Pomegranate sounds nice!

  127. Lori Bazan says:

    The Zest of Verbena

  128. Carol Denny says:

    Vanilla Gourmet

  129. The Zest of Verbena

  130. Darlene Schuller says:

    Oh I’d love Delicate Powder, that would be great in my bathroom!

  131. Vanilla gourmet is a favorite!

  132. Julie Bolduc says:

    The Mystery Patchouli sounds awesome

  133. kathy downey says:

    Black Pomegranate sounds nice

  134. Erika Belanger says:

    I like the Stries clear!

  135. Polynesian Dream sounds like a lovely scent I would like.

  136. Darlene Schuller says:

    Pure Dreams !

  137. The Fresh anis of greek islands

  138. I like Orange blossom

  139. Nancy J Montgomery says:

    Mystery Patchouli is still my favourite.

  140. Victoria Ess says:

    Vanilla Gourmet is one of my favourites!

  141. Victoria Ess says:

    Vanilla Gourmet is one of my favourites.

  142. kathy downey says:

    Also love to try Vanilla Gourmet

  143. Jennifer P. says:

    On a cold winter’s day here, the Polynesian Dream definitely tops my list as a favourite – right now I can only dream of the warmth of the sun and all the tropical scents that come with it! 😉

  144. I would also love Vanilla Gourmet .

  145. I would also love Vanilla Gourmet .

  146. Erika Belanger says:

    Messagère de l’amour

  147. Teresa Claire says:

    I went on Lampe Berger’s English website to look at other styles of bottles. They have a huge collection for everyone…I still like this one the best though…it looks like the top is a silver crown.

  148. Victoria Ess says:

    Black Pomegranate is my fav scent.

  149. Darlene Schuller says:

    Fresh Linen would b wonderful in my bathroom!

  150. The Tomato leaves

  151. Vanilla Gourmet would be my favourite

  152. Wendy hutton says:

    would love to try Wild Orchid

  153. Teresa Claire says:

    I think that having more than one Lampe Berger is a great idea. I like the style of this one…I would put this one on my vanity but would also like one for the kitchen because it is close to the front door. It would be nice to have company smelling something pretty. Your review had a few really great ideas. Thank you!

  154. I do like vanilla so I’d try vanilla gourmet

  155. A “Summer Rain” fragrance or “Dreams of Freshness” sounds really good to me.

  156. Erika Belanger says:

    I like the Silver Effects white lamp!

  157. The Fresh Linen scent is my pick.

  158. Polynesian Dream is a fragrance I would love to try.

  159. Oriental Dreams would be a fun new scent to try

  160. The Audacious Cologne

  161. love to try Polynesian Dream

  162. Victoria Ess says:

    I love Pure Dreams.

  163. Roger Simmons says:

    Oriental Dreams would be a great scent.

  164. kathy downey says:

    Wild Orchid sounds real nice

  165. I would love the Ocean Breeze

  166. Jennifer P. says:

    My favourite tropical scent would be Polynesian Dream.

  167. Teresa Claire says:
  168. Wild Orchid is a fragrance I would love to try.

  169. Victoria Ess says:

    Wild Orchid sounds lovely to me.

  170. Darlene Schuller says:

    Summer Rain, Fresh Linen, love the scent of those.

  171. I like the Polygone red under The Flames.


  172. Fresh mint at the Riad

  173. Nancy J Montgomery says:

    Mystery Patchouli is my favourite.

  174. Wendy hutton says:

    Vanilla Gourmet is nice

  175. love to try Vanilla Gourmet

  176. kathy downey says:

    Vanilla Gourmet

  177. josephine evans says:

    Vanilla Gourmet

  178. The Vanilla Gourmet sounds like a nice Scent.

  179. Judy Cowan says:

    Vanilla Gourmet

  180. Oh fresh linen or summer rain I think. These are really unique and I honestly have never heard of them before.

  181. Erika Belanger says:

    I like the Sea Shore lamp!

  182. Victoria Ess says:

    I love the pure dreams fragrance

  183. Fresh Linen would be nice.

  184. I like the Citrus Leaves

  185. Vanilla Gourmet

  186. Jennifer P. says:

    I think the Polynesian Dream might also be a favourite!

  187. I like Fresh Eucalyptus

  188. Fresh Linen

  189. Rhonda W G. says:

    The cherry sounds awesome!

  190. Wendy hutton says:

    the fresh linen sounds nice

  191. Vanilla Gourmet is my kind of scent! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  192. Darlene Schuller says:

    I think Pure Dreams!

  193. I think that my favourite would be Fresh Eucalyptus.

  194. Belinda McNabb says:

    I think I would love the ocean breeze

  195. Erika Belanger says:

    Lumière blue is gorgeous. Its also $1500!!!

  196. I would like the Soap Memories scent haha

  197. Snowy Pines sounds amazing! It would be perfect for Christmas.

  198. I’d choose the Fresh Linen scent.

  199. I like Pure Dreams.

  200. The Delicious Cherry

  201. Darlene Schuller says:

    There are so many I would love!! Summer Rain is a favourite!

  202. Lori Bazan says:

    Fresh Linen

  203. Jennifer P. says:

    Fresh Eucalyptus for me, thanks!

  204. Victoria Ess says:

    I like Pure Dreams a lot!

  205. Angela Mitchell says:

    I think I’d like Lemon Flower the best.

  206. Green Apple

  207. I like the Polynesian Dream

  208. Wendy hutton says:

    summer rains sounds nice

  209. Erika Belanger says:

    I like the Pebble white!

  210. Lindsey B. says:

    Fresh Linen 🙂

  211. kathy downey says:

    Summer Rain

  212. Fllorence C says:

    I like to try the Vanilla Gourmet

  213. Kate Hearn says:

    Anything fruity! I love fresh fruit scents.

  214. Rose Holloway says:

    Summer Rain

  215. Fresh anis of greek islands

  216. Angela SC says:

    Wow,umm fresh linen,under the fig tree,delicious cherry so many great fragrances to choose from!

  217. Something to envigourate the senses in an office environment. So the Orange Cinnamon.

  218. Eucalyptus is my favourite.

  219. Jennifer P. says:

    I think the Fresh Eucalyptus would be a favourite scent for me.

  220. Nancy J Montgomery says:

    Mystery Patchouli

  221. I think Black Pomegranate is my fav scent.

  222. cheryl hodgkins says:

    Everlasting flowers of Corsica

  223. Darlene Schuller says:

    I would soo love Ocean Breeze

  224. Carol Denny says:

    The Ocean Breeze scent

  225. Lisa Robertson says:

    I love the Ocean Breeze scent

  226. I think I would like the Ocean Breeze scent

  227. Grapefruit Passion here!! 🙂

  228. Lori Bazan says:

    I would love to try vanilla gourmet!

  229. Michelle L says:
  230. My favourite scent is Fresh Eucalyptus.

  231. chocolate sweetness

  232. ZZTHERESA says:

    Wild Orchid sounds amazing!

  233. Victoria Ess says:

    Wild Orchid is my favourite.

  234. Karla Sceviour says:

    Grapefruit Passion sounds good!

  235. Wendy hutton says:

    vanilla gourmet sounds nice

  236. kathy downey says:

    Delicious Cherry sounds very nice

  237. Juliee Fitze says:

    I really want to try the Delicious Cherry

  238. Brenda Penton says:

    Delicious Cherry is my favourite scent

  239. Victoria Ess says:

    Wild Orchid sounds lovely.

  240. I like the Silver Effects black the most.

  241. Erika Belanger says:

    I like the Techno

  242. Lemon Flower.

  243. I think I would enjoy the Delicious Cherry fragrance.

  244. pure dreams

  245. I would love the savory apple tart!

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