Cloud B Dreamz to Go Octo Review

Cloud B Dreamz to Go Octo Review

Today’s guest post is from my little sister Brandy. Since our youngest turned 3 it was time to bring on someone to take over baby reviews. Brandy is a mom of two; a busy boy toddler who keeps her on her feet and  a precious baby girl. Brandy currently is on maternity leave. She is a full-time working mom using her ECE degree working with autistic children and their families supporting them and touching their lives. I look forward to sharing Brandy’s in-depth reviews and mama knowledge here on

Little Imaginations

As my 19 month old son Jax got older, I started to realize that the dark can be a scary thing for their little imaginations. The towel on the back of the door becomes a person staring at them in the middle of the night and their stuffed animals become little monsters lined up in a row on a shelf. Investing in a decent night light is a must to ward off these scary images in their little minds.

We have tried the typical plug in night lights before, but my son had a habit of pulling them out of the plug socket and putting them back in multiple times. Not a safe game we wanted him to engage in. When we were asked to test the Cloud B Dreamz to Go Octo we knew it would be the perfect opportunity for us to try a nightlight that might actually be safe in his room and keep away the monsters.

If you are looking for an easy to use night light the Cloud B Dreamz to Go Octo is the one for you! With two simple buttons you can turn on and off the night light and change the colour from blue to green. It’s light weight, easy to use, and small enough to throw in your diaper bag for a sleepover which gives your child some familiarity and a piece of home at someone else’s house.

Cloud B Dreamz to Go Octo Review

Cloud B Dreamz to Go Octo Review

“Jax loves this night light as it projects stars and bubble blowing fish on the walls and ceiling. It has a 45 minute timer built in so it doesn’t drain your AAA batteries. The only thing that could make this better would be some white noise or soft music but it’s not something everyone is looking for in a night light. I would recommend the Cloud B Dreamz to Go Octo to parents who are looking for an easy to use, affordable and practical night light for their child.” 

Cloud B Dreamz to Go Octo Review Cloud B is Generous!

One In R Dream reader will WIN Cloud B Dreamz to Go Octo. Canada only (excludes Quebec) ends 12/12 EST. Please note: we cannot guarantee your prize shipment before Christmas. 

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