Your Wish = $1 donation to Make-A-Wish Canada

Your Wish = $1 donation to Make-A-Wish Canada

Throughout the year my heart feels heavy with kindness especially at this time of year it is overflowing with opportunities to share even more. Along with scooping out gifts for loved ones that give back in someway, I also look for opportunities to support in kindness movements that will change someone’s life in a simple task. Such as this campaign I shared this month. Today I am sharing one for all you Barbie™ fans that will give you the warm fuzzy feeling that feels great, it will also lift up a loved one along the way and a complete stranger’s wish will come true too.

We already know that with Barbie™ Anything is Possible! Those are actual words we live by in our house and the fact that Barbie dreams big gives me more reason to love this whole campaign even more.

Barbie Wishes Campaign

Let’s get to the fun part in the Barbie wishes campaign. It is simple to take part, submit your wish for a loved on to up until December 31st. For each wish that is submitted $1 will be donated to Make-A-Wish® Canada

Make a heartfelt wish for someone special this holiday and spread some joy with #BarbieWishes. Each Wish from the Heart donates $1 to Make-A-Wish® Canada and yours can too! Details at Remember to dream big, because with Barbie™ Anything is Possible!

Once your wish is uploaded to Barbie my Dreams™, submissions will be sent to the user’s Barbie my Dreams™, registered email address. If the wish is not for the parents, they can then forward their daughter’s heartfelt wish to its intended recipient (for example, a teacher, an aunt, etc). After all, the Holiday season is really about kindness, selflessness and being together!

My Heartfelt Wishes

I got a little carried away but in a good way, I sent off six wishes for close family. When Miss C gets home I am going to get her to complete some wishes for people she has on her heart. It really felt great sending off a wish that came right from my heart to my loved ones. Here is the wish I made for our daughter.

Barbie™ Anything is Possible! Submit a heartfelt wish for someone special in your life and $1 will be donated to Make-A-Wish® Canada #BarbieWishes.

Who will you write or make a video wish for this season? 

Barbie in Generous

One In R Dream reader will WIN a $100 Barbie prize.

Canada only (excludes Quebec) ends 12/14 EST. Please note: we cannot guarantee your prize shipment before Christmas. We cannot guarantee your prize will be similar to the one that was reviewed. Winner depends on the amount of entries received. You have 24 hours to claim your prize before another winner will be randomly drawn. Good luck! 

 Thanks for reading In R Dream!