Elegance In A Blossom {WW}

Recently I have been watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and it has been extremely grounding for me. I caught her episode with Louie Schwartzberg here is a clip to watch. He really opened my mind up to the beauty that nature is sharing with us. I know my eyes have always been open to the beauty around us, but not this deep.

Here Mother Natures gift to my eyes I snapped this weekend in our garden.

Spring Blooms in our garden

How do you feel when you look at this picture? 

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  1. Victoria Ess says:

    Those flowers are beautiful and make me feel so serene.

  2. Beautiful photos, flowers always make me feel happy!

  3. Renee @ My So-Called Mommy Life says:

    Your garden is in full bloom! How amazing!

  4. So beautiful, Tammy! You must have a lot warmer weather than we do! The only flowers open right now are the daffodils! Your poppies are so pretty!

  5. I love tulips! I keep meaning to plant some.
    Your lucky that yours are still blooming

  6. Happy! I feel happy when surrounded by colour. I remember our first home and our first garden. I once thought I was a serial killer for plants and I assumed I had no skills at gardening. Then we bought our first home. That first summer I found my garden so incredibly grounding and inspiring and calming that I really took heart in gardening. Now I know that I love to garden. I don’t always have enough time to do so but I sure enjoy it when I make the time to plant things and grow them.

  7. Summer is here – that’s what immediately comes to mind! How beautiful!!

  8. Wow your garden is way further along than mine! I guess that’s what happens when winter lasts until May. Lovely spring shots!

  9. I love your tulips! Sadly ours are gone already.

  10. Such beautiful blooms. You have a great variety of tulips there!

  11. Absolutely beautiful!! Are those poppies?? I love them!

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