Sharing is Love- My Brother and me { Children’s Book Review }

Our household is knee-deep into parenthood. With four children all looking for guidance, love and support to deal with their emotions along the way. This is no easy task and at times it really tests my emotions as a mother.

Sharing is Love- My brother and me Children's book review I was recently approached by a creative mother of two active little boys about a book she just published. The title; Sharing is Love- My Brother and me. She had my full attention because the timing was inspectable. Sharing is something that naturally is a struggle for most children but when you have 3 other siblings and 2 of those are boys like you sharing becomes a very hard thing to do.

Babic Books

Babic Books aims to inspire kids to grow with kindness, caring, and compassion. Sharing Is Love tackles an issue in many households: battles among siblings over toys. The story is positive, straightforward, rhyming, and filled with love. A great message that little kids can easily follow.

Sharing is Love is for ages one to five. Anita’s first installment is specific to brothers, but pertains to siblings of any gender.

Sharing is Love- My brother and me, does not claim to solve sibling battles, but merely offers another way for children to learn about the topic, while combining a fun and colorful book with rhyming that kids can enjoy.

Sharing is Love- My Brother and me in review

” The first time we read Sharing is Love- My Brother and me I gathered all four children on the carpet for a teacher type of read. Although the book is talking about brothers I knew Miss C who is 8 would gather some very useful information from it as well.

Our children loved the cover page’s illustrations and made connections with the toys. From the beginning Anita catches their attention with toys from their own toy box.

After each page I took the opportunity to talk about what was read and what the children were gathering from the illustrations and story. The children seen the disagreements between the boys and were very puzzled about the situation. They knew exactly what needed to happen and how everyone could get a turn.

Influenced Canadian bloggers and Mother of four Anita took an everyday problem from many households and told a story that children can connect with. It is a quick read and told with words and pictures the children connect with. Once the story was done I asked questions and kept the conversation rolling. We all finished in a group hug and our children went off to play with smiles. The best part was they shared and played together. “

Babic Books is Generous

One In R Dream reader will receive a copy of Sharing is Love- My Brother and me.

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What is your biggest sibling challenge as a parent?

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  1. General sibling rivalry! My kids have a love/hate relationship and it is REALLY hard to deal with emotionally, I find.

  2. kathy downey says:

    The biggest problem fighting

  3. The biggest problem in our family is miscommunication. One sibling will say something, and the other misinterprets it.

  4. making each one realize they are themselves and the meter is not with their sibling it is to be the best THEM that they can be..

  5. Wendy hutton says:

    hitting an fighting

  6. I have 6 yr old b/g twins. My biggest struggle is the fighting!!

  7. My youngest daughter has to do everything her big brother does, and with a 3 year age difference its not always possible!

  8. My biggest struggle was their energy, they were never calm, mellow children.

  9. Angela Mitchell says:

    My older child gets jealous of my youngest and it can lead to all kinds of bad behavior:)

  10. The hitting, the jealousy and the fighting

  11. Julie G. says:

    Trying to get the oldest one to not be so selfish has been a big challenge.

  12. JoAnne Pfoh says:

    I only had one but with my sister and I mortal enemies for moms attention, toys, everything

  13. nikki robak says:

    I only have one child so I don’t have these problems

  14. kathy downey says:

    My biggest struggle is the fighting,constant fighting

  15. Just getting them to appreciate each other – for their strengths and weaknesses and for the family bond that comes with having a sibling.

  16. angela m says:

    My biggest struggle is the fighting

  17. Carolle Hall says:

    The fighting ..

  18. Monique L.S. says:

    Parents dividing the attention equally amongst the children.

  19. Victoria K says:

    The little one doesn’t understand why she can’t do the same as the older one.

  20. The fighting and hitting


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